Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Cat with Kidney Disease Hates k/d Food

This is the follow-up post to Rushed my FIV Cat to Veternarian as it explains how one day my FIV cat was fine and the next day he refused to eat.  

The attending veterinarian told me that my FIV cat names Sam has kidney disease and that this condition commonly occurs with late stage cats with FIV.  Know that I am devastated because I had no idea that my cat was ill.  He had his lab work down in March of 2015 and six months later he is diagnosed with kidney disease.  A real shock because he got sick out of nowhere.

Anyway Sam is supposed to eat a special diet food for kidney disease in cats.  But Sam does not like the food and will not eat it.   Over the weekend Sam would meow for food and I would open a can of the k/d put some on the plate and mix a little water into the pate to make a gravy.  Sam would be at my heels all the way into the room where I feed him, then he would sniff and walk away.  Four days he went without food. 

Monday we rushed him back to the veterinarian and they examined him and told me that they were going to give him a pill to stimulate his appetite and recommended that I start feeding him Royal Canin feline Renal LP.  Know that the veterinarian  called me at home to tell me that many cats will not eat the k/d but that Royal Canin had a formula of food that cats preferred. 

So when I picked up my cat today I pleasantly surprised because they gave me a 2.5 pound bag of the renal LP cat kibble to try.  Know that the appetite stimulant did work and Sam ate this food like he loved it.  

Sam 8 years old.  
If you have a cat that has kidney failure and your cat does not like the special diet, you may want to try the prescription food by Royal Canin.  My cat Sam is so picky, and he really likes it.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rushed FIV Cat to Veterinarians

Two days ago my FIV cat named Sam was playing with his toys and talking to the birds from the window.  he was fine happy and loving life then the following day he did not eat his food.  All that he did was drink water and this was a red flag that something was wrong.
My Siamese Cat named Sam, Playing one day, next day sick.

Because Sam has feline immunodeficiency virus we react differently to any changes in diet or mood because stress or illness could be a fatality for an FIV cat.

After 10 hours Sam did not attempt to eat his food, all he did was drink water so we took him to the Veterinarian.  They gave him a physical exam, took blood for tests, and urine and said his urine was cloudy and not concentrated the way it should be.

The veterinarian told us to feed Sam k/d kidney care diet.  this canned food made by Hill's Prescription was formulated to support my cats kidney health.  We have no idea how Sam's kidneys were damaged, not sure if it is part of the FIV condition.  But we were told that this cat diet food will help in maintaining balance of fluid and minerals and support my cats kidney health

We bring Sam home tomorrow morning and I am to watch him over the weekend, if he does not eat his food I am to call the veterinarian office on Monday.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Two FIV Cats Are Better Than One

My cat Sam has FIV, feline immunodeficiency virus and has lived a life without other cats since 2008.  Our veterinarian recommended this because socializing Sam would cause him to have stress and our veterinarian thought the stress might make him sick.  But that changed when I took a friends FIV cat as a last resort.

Know that prior to rescuing Sam he was accustomed to being with other cats, he was outdoors and did hang out with my neighbors cats,  So  there was no problem with him getting along with cats.  We just did not want  him to have any stress.

So Sam has lived on one side of the house away from my other cats.  There is a door that separates them and an inch opening at the bottom of the door and this door allows the cats to touch each other with their paws.  None of them have played roughly and I  wondered if socializing would be that big of a deal.

Sam is a good cat, an affectionate cat but I suspect that he longs for another cats company.  My thought is that two FIV cats would be better than one because they could sleep together, play and groom each other.  Recently my friend surrendered her FIV cat to me and I decided to try and socialize Sam with this new little FIV young adult cat.

The socializing consisting of the cats getting used to each other scent but they were separated by a closed door.  The NEW cat played paws with Sam from under the door and all was well.  Sam was meowing and seemed very happy.  I allowed the two cats a few more days of getting to know each other from a distance before I opened the door to Sams side of the house.

The introduction was supervised and Sam was calm with the new cat.  There was no hissing, however at one point Sam did go into the closet and leaped to a lower shelf.  The young FIV cat meowed for him to come down and play with her, but Sam ignored her.  

It did not take long for the cats to get accustomed to each other.  In an hours time they were eating out of the same bowl.  Both my husband and I agree that two FIV cats are better than one, because now Sam has more energy, he is very happy.  

The young adult female cat climbs all over him and he does not mind.  I suspect they will be best friends for the rest of their lives.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

FIV Cats are Good Company

It is really hot outdoors today, heat index is at 110 Fahrenheit so my FIV cat Sam and I are lying on the sofa watching movies together. I enjoy hanging out with my FIV cat, because he is funny to watch and always makes me smile.

Last week we bought a Lazy Boy small sofa / bed for the guest bedroom and installed a TV on the wall. This room is the coolest room in thee house so that is where we will be today. I am watching Sam gather his favorite toys and he is bringing them up on the sofa and setting toys by my feet. He has all the toys he needs, time to lie down and cuddle with me on the sofa.

I mentioned that I was hanging out with my FIV cat and watching TV today to my friend and they replied “ I did not know you had a sickly cat” Overall I think people have got it all wrong idea when it comes to an FIV cat. For some reason they all seem to think that these cats are sickly, and well that is the furthest thing from the truth.

Here is an example; I rescued Sam in 2009 and he was diagnosed with FelV and AIDs. The veterinarian advised us to put him down and I said No. Instead I got Sam neutered brought him home, got him eating Wellness grain free cat food and lets see today is 7/25/15 and Sam is still around and doing fine.

Know that I had him retested by a new veterinarian who specializes in cat care. He did a blood test to find out if Sam was infected with Feline Leukemia and AIDS and the veterinarian said he tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) Sam DID NOT have FeLV. Not sure if the first test was a false positive or what, but it was very cool to learn that Sam was a carrier of the antibody but was not sickly.

Living with an FIV cat is only different when it comes to food, must feed them high quality grain free, soy free and corn free food. Also you cannot let them outdoors, you need to brush their teeth and keep their veterinarian appointments. But other than that FIV cats are like other normal cats.

I really wish that people would learn more about FIV cats because many times the cats live a long life without getting sick.  Here is a video that will help you to learn more: Pet Radio the truth about FIV Cats and why you shouldadopt on

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Birthday To Sam my FIV Positive Cat

Today marks the anniversary of the day that I rescued  Sam the  Siamese cat that was abandoned in my neighborhood in 2008.

When Sam was left behind he had become freaked out and would not let anyone get close to him.  I remember once getting a hold of him but he leaped from my arms and ran away.

Trapping him was another story, he was too smart to be trapped.  So this unaltered cat got into fights with other tomcats and finally when he was skin and bones, with fur missing I was able to rescue the cat by trapping him.

Of course rescuing him a year after being abandoned meant that he was exposed to everything.  Sam tested positive for Feline Leukemia.  The attending veterinarian suggested euthanasia and thought I was not making a wise choice to get the cat neutered and bring him to my business office.  The veternarian went past me and spoke to my husband, told him the life expectancy for my cat was three months tops.  Well that was six years ago, need I say more?
Playful Sam loves to hide in zazzle shipping boxes

Was not hard to teach Sam to retrieve a ball, Yes even a tennis ball

In six years Sam survived feline leukemia because he was rechecked twice by another veternarian who said that he was not infected but did have feline immunodeficiency virus.  He has been sick twice, had a cold and then got a high fever and also went into kidney failure.  He was hospitalized for ten days and presently Sam is his happy self.

My rescue cat Sam may be FIV positive but he is a survivor of six years and I am hoping we have six more years of good health and happy times.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Remodeling FIV Cat Room

I need to spend more time with the FIV cats so husband said he would update the room so that my office opens into that area where the cats play.  This of course will allow me to spend more time with the cats and also I can close my office door at night to prevent the cats from opening my my file cabinet doors or playing with my papers and pens that are on my desk.  So that is the plan for remodeling the cat room.
This is Sam my FIV cat, he is playing with the dogs tennis ball

I have two  FIV cats and they are good company for each other but they cry to be with humans or they naturally want to come out and play.  They do not have whole house privileges because they like to fight and we have one other cat that is mature.  Their fighting nature would not be food for them or this mature cat. .

My cats have a play room which is their safe room.  Here is what it looks like.  My office would open up to this room. 

At one time I had the cats at my business office and they did enjoy that but when there was an attempt robbery I thought it best to bring them home so I set up a cat room just for them by giving them one of the bedrooms.  The FIV cats do like being with each other however human contact is needed and to tell you the truth I need them as much as they need me.

Here is a post that I published at my Cat Adoption Guide blog.  This post tells you how to set up a cat room and it tells you everything that is needed with images and videos that hare helpful.

Took FIV Cat to Kennel When Air Conditioner Broke

Know that an FIV, feline immunodeficiency virus cat reside indoors in a home where the temperature is not too hot or too cold. Basically if you are comfortable then the cat is also. If an FIV cat gets too hot and starts to pant or lick their fur to cool down then this puts the cat in a stressful state and can be harmful due to the weakened immune system, the same for a very cold house, the cold temperature would make the FIV cat suffer from stress.

My FIV cat named Sam resting on the chair.  He is one COOL cat.

If you conditioner breaks and you have an FIV cat then allow the cat access to a ceramic tile floor or to your bathroom. The bathtub is a cool surface and will help them to feel cooler. Also install ceiling fans to circulate the air.

Know if your house gets too hot then put your cat in a carrier and take to veterinarian for day care until your air conditioner is fixed or buy a window unit air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. A home that is too hot is not good for human or FIV cat.

When my air conditioner broke two weeks ago the house got extremely hot and due to my cats age and health history I took him to the veterinarian for three days of kenneling. My house temperature reached 88 degrees and that was too hot for my cat with weakened immune system.

Husband shopped at Walmart.com and ordered a window air conditioner and was able to pick it up at our local store. Once the window unit was installed we could then bring our cat Sam home from kennel.

Learn more about FIV here

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Prayers Answered: Cat No Longer in Kidney Failure

In January I published a post letting all of my followers know that my cat Sam was diagnosed with kidney failure.  My veternarian told me that he suspected it was the nature of the FIV virus and that it had progressed.  Sam had stopped eating,  had a fever and was in the animal hospital for two weeks. During this time I went to see him daily to hold, pet, talk and kiss his furry head.  I loved my cat Sam and hoped and prayed that he would overcome this illness.  
Sam when he first got sick

After two weeks of medical care, Sam was released to come home and aftercare was to feed him food formulated for cats with kidney failure.  Well Sam hated the food and continued to lose weight.  The veternarian said "what does he like" I replied "Friskies special diet turkey and giblets.  The veternarian said okay to feed him this canned cat food because Sam had to eat.

After several weeks of a poor diet, Sam got his way and got his food back.  He loved it, put on wight, regained his strength and was back to his ole self within 10 days. 

Know that in March Sam had his wellness checkup and his blood was drawn to check his white count and kidney. My prayers had been answered because his blood was fine, and the kidneys were working as they should.  No kidney failure was noted.  I am not sure if this FIV cat is exercising his nine lives, or if God said it is not your time.  All I know is Sam is back and he is his ole self.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Update on FIV Rescued Kittens

Last May we rescued a litter of kittens that could hardly walk and one of the kittens eyes were barely open. We found the kittens in a sack on the side of the road.  At first we thought it was trash, and then saw movement, followed by a tiny kittens head. 

 Husband and I rushed them home to hydrate and nourish them. We kept them safe, warm and fed them for the next four critical weeks. During this time husband and I did not sleep.
Four of the Five kitten drinking KMR replacement milk

All of the kittens survived however they were very small.  When they were three months old the boys grew over night but two little girl kittens were still small and seemed to have less energy; they slept more than the other kittens.

The small kittens needed some help getting food out of the bowl so we made up their own bowl and fed them away from the boys. Even with feeding them separate they did not put on weight. Husband and I thought that perhaps we got a mixed litter (different queen cats).
8 week old kitten is smaller than littermates

All of the kittens were tested for feline leukemia and AIDS. The small kittens came back positive for feline immunodeficiency virus FIV which means their mom was infected and passed it on to them. It also confirms that we had found two litters of kittens. 

 On rare occasions infection is transmitted from an infected mother cat to her kittens, usually during passage through the birth canal or when the newborn kittens ingest infected milk.” http://www.vet.cornell.edu/FHC/health_resources/brochure_fiv.cfm

We did separate the FIV kittens from the boys, because the boys were typical boys and were playing roughly with the girls. They did not allow them to sleep, pushed them out of the food bowl and wanted to play hard. 

The boy kittens were gigantic at three months and girls were very small.  The boy kittens were adopted but the girl kittens were passed by, everyone was fearful of an FIV kitten and said it would be too hard to love them, when their life may be shortened due to illness. 

We kept the girls and they have put on some weight and are growing slowly. Here is a photo of Sally our calico FIV kitten she is 8 months old in this photo. you can see that she is small and kitten like for her age, she looks like 12 weeks old.  
FIV kitten at age 8 months is small but healthy

Update: The FIV kittens are doing great, putting on weight and both have a shiny coat. They play with each other and with the family dog. Are normal as they can be. They are still small and sleep more than normal cats but that is okay with us.

Read the First post on this topic here

Monday, February 23, 2015

Health of FIV Cat Improves After 10 Days in Hospital

In December my FIV cat named Sam, woke up one day and was sick. He had a high fever and would not eat. We rushed him to the veterinarian, and they put him in the hospital for ten days.  Sam was given intravenous fluids, shot of B12, antibiotics and appetite inducing medication. Sam was very ill and at the time the veterinarian did not know if it was due to FIV or something else.

Here is a card that I designed at my zazzle shop. It is of Sam and he is lying in the bathroom sink. He is a beautiful cat and breaks my heart to know that he is sick.

Siamese Cat in Sink Postcard Post Card
Siamese Cat in Sink Postcard Post Card by Susang6
Find other Siamese cat Postcards at zazzle.com

We were told that Sam had renal failure and that his teeth needed to be removed due to feline stomatits but due to his infection he could not have his teeth removed because he lost too much weight.

View this youtube.com video to learn more about feline stomatits.  We were told that this condition is common with cat that have FIV, feline immunodeficiency virus.


After 10 days of hospital care Sam came home and he was put on a renal diet. Sam who loves to eat food, hated the new diet and refused to eat it. We tried 3 different varieties of foods and each one was not suitable to my junk food cat. He liked Blue Buffalo Healthy Living Chicken and Brown Rice cat food mixed with Purina Friskies Senior Diet Salmon Dinner in sauce pate canned cat food. This food combination made my cat Sam sing.

So when I had to take away his favorite food for a plant based diet LP by Royal Canin with very low protein my kitty was not happy. 

 Sam would not eat and was losing weight. He could not have the surgery to remove the teeth that were causing him to have pain. The veterinarian wanted Sam overweight because the after care of this particular surgery meant a feeding tube.

While my veterinarian was researching for another food for Sam to try his blood work came back and it showed that his kidneys returned to normal function.

I am not sure why or how this occurred, but know we are all very happy and Sam is ecstatic because he can go back to eating and loving his favorite foods.

Presently Sam is putting on weight and next week I will take him in for a veterinarian checkup to see if we can schedule him for surgery.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Veterinarian Checkup for Sam my FIV Cat

It has been 45 days since my FIV cat was diagnosed with kidney failure and put on special diet.  We were told that Sam could no longer eat animal protein because it was hard on his kidneys.  We had to feed him food that was formulated for renal health only.

We bought the Hills Prescription Diet k/d canned food and the dry kibble then mixed the two together and put in his food bowl.  Sam played with the food but would not eat it.  

So I removed that food from the bowl and replaced it with k/d canned food only.  Mr busy cat went into the kitchen got a towel and put the towel on top of his food bowl.  I guess he hated it so much that he did not want to look at it. 
Sam eats dry k/d food from bowl

My cat has got to eat, I removed the canned food, washed his bowl and poured Sam a bowl of the dry k/d special kidney diet food.  Sam grazed his food bowl, ate a few pieces of food.  Then he took every piece of food out of the bowl and put it on the carpet.     

Our veterinarian suggested that we try renal LP by Royal Canin and again Sam did not eat the food. He grazed his bowl when absolutely necessary but other than that would not eat the special diet food.
My FIV cat Sam at 7 years old

The one thing that the veterinarian told us is that Sam could not lose weight. When he was checked it was noted that he lost 1 pound. The attending veterinarian said that his weight lose may be due to the FIV condition and I disagreed, I know it is because our cat does not like the food that is made with no animal protein. Cats are carnivores not vegetarians.

The veterinarian said that Sam cannot lose any more weight, so now they have ordered a new feline renal health food for Sam. We hope that this new food tastes better because I am sure that this is why our cat is not eating.

Sam is a junk food kitty eating Purina Friskies Salmon Pate for Senior cats mixed with Blue Buffalo spa selects and loved this food combination  before he became sick and now he hates his kidney diet food.  

Hoping that this next food will be one that Sam likes.   

Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Cat Sam is Losing Weight

Forty five days ago my cat Sam was rushed to the Veterinarians because he had a fever and stopped eating. These two symptoms are cause for alarm when your cat has feline immunodeficiency virus. My cat was admitted to the animal hospital and stayed there for ten days. That is when we learned that his kidneys were not normal and that he had chronic kidney disease, his teeth needed to be removed and that he was losing weight.  Pounds lost while at the veternarian hospital.
Sam hiding in the water container.

 Sam was losing weight; was a warning flag for cancer. 

Sam had an ultrasound and the results were negative, of course this ultrasound could not see inside his internal organs and  we have no idea if he has kidney cancer or what.

So we bring Sam home and he has to eat special cat food; Royal Canin veterinary diet Renal LP in gravy canned food  for chronic kidney disease or renal failure.

The food gives him more energy but also reduces his food intake, plus Sam hates the canned food.  He is a kibble junkie cat, and I guess he does not like the taste, eats only when he has to and I can tell he does not like it because he growls at his food bowl.

Yes my cat hates his kidney diet food.  He eats when is is starving and seldom licks the plate clean. I think this is why he has lost more weight.

The veternarian says the weight lost is not due to the lack of kibble food but thinks it is due to some underlining medical condition.  I am a worried cat mom. 

We go back to the veternarian on Tuesday for a checkup.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hanging Out With My Cat Sam

Only a cat owner will know what I mean by "hanging out with a cat". Unlike dogs cats are intuitive and sense when then need to be calm or caring of their owners. Today I am sick and staying in bed and my cat Sam has been hanging out with me.  Normally he is very busy but  instead of playing with the dog or watching the birds he is lying next to me.

Cats can be playful and make their owners laugh and then when you do not feel good they sense your emotions and the cat is really affectionate and are good company. For instance when I do not feel good my cat knows it and he will bring me all of his toys to me and set them close to me. He will not insist that I throw the cat ball far, instead he will be happy playing me while I lie in bed or on the sofa.

Hanging out with my cat Sam is fun because he lies next to me as if he is keeping me warm and when I nap he naps.   When I awake I usually find Sam is under the fleece blanket or on top of my head purring.

Today I do not feel good so I have been lying on the sofa in the living room because husband has a nice warm fire going in the fireplace and the heat sure feels good, Sam is hanging out with me on the sofa and so is the dog. When I do not feel good my cat is good company.

Note: Sam has feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and so he does sleep more, which means when you are sick and have to stay in bed, an FIV cat is good company.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Quality Time Spent with FIV Cat

They say that your FIV cat has 5 to 7 years to live a quality life before the feline virus that suppresses their immune system makes the cat sick and I say make those years the best years of your cats life by spending quality time with them.
My cat Sam the Siamese playing with ball on bed

My cat Sam is celebrating his 7th year since becoming diagnosed with feline immunodeficiency virus and oh boy has he had a good life. In his cat life he went from living down the street with his sister with a family and had a happy kittenhood until the family moved away and abandoned him. They took the female Siamese cat but left Sam to fend for himself in the neighborhood.

Sam did not do so good being outdoors because he was not neutered and the neighborhood and feral tomcats beat him up regularly. When I caught him Sam was not a pretty cat, hair was missing, bite wounds and he was skin and bones. But I took care of him and nursed him back to health and even thought he had been diagnosed with FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) he went on to live a wonderful cat life where his people and dog loved him.

Sam has a cat room with toys, self warming K&H cat bed. cat tree and a window seat where he can watch the birds eat from an outdoor feeder. Sam gets plenty of belly rubs plus kisses and he is told every day that he is loved. In fact I sing a silly little song and Sam sings the chorus.  My husband thinks it is hysterical but I do not care it is my special song that I sing with my cat Sam.

My rescue cat may have had an iffy time when he was abandoned but the last seven years ave been purrfect and we are hoping and praying that he has seven more years.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

FIV Cats Sleep More Than Normal Cats

When you own an FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) infected cat you tend to read books and search online for information regarding this feline disease.  Then you do everything that you can to keep your cat healthy and happy so that he does not get sick.
My cat Sam sleeping on the sofa.  He sleeps 90% of the day

All the information that I have read indicated that cats that are infected generally do not show signs of the disease for five to seven years. I rescued Sam in 2008 and he was diagnosed with Feline AIDS which was reduced to FIV since he had no symptoms. Sam has been healthy and happy for seven years and now he is sick; renal failure and possible cancer.

The veterinarian said that the renal failure is due to the FIV and he suspects that he may have cancer also. My cat is slipping away from me and there is nothing I can do to stop his illness from progressing. We had hoped that we could spend one more year with him but I do not know if that is possible.

Sam is still happy, talks to me daily, plays with the dog but overall he sleeps more than before. .For now we are keeping all veterinarian appointments.  He has had a B12 shot and that has helped some.  His weakened immune system cannot fight off the diseases and for now I have my Sam and even though he sleeps 90% of the day, the 10% is still quality time spent with my cat Sam.

Learn more about FIV here:

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My FIV Cat Has Kidney Failure

My cat Sam was rescued after he was abandoned in the woods by my home. It took us less than a year to catch him because he was so scared. By the time we got him he was skin and bones and from the looks of his coat he had been in one too many fights.

We took him to the veterinarian and he tested positive for feline leukemia and aides. The veterinarian at the time wanted to put Sam down but I said no and that was in 2008. To make a long story short I nursed Sam back to health and have enjoyed this talkative, playful and very loving Siamese cat for the last seven years.
Everything was great in fact in August of 2014 his medical exam and blood work should not changes, but come the end of November it was clear that something was wrong. Sam who loves to eat, decided he was not going to eat anymore. We thought maybe he suddenly did not like his only natural food by Merrick.  We fed him the best canned cat food; de-boned chicken canned cat food that was grain free and had no corn wheat, soy or gluten so we spiced up his food and gave him Merrick Purrfect Bistro Surf and Turf  canned cat food and my cat turned away from his food bowl.
The next day he went to the veterinarian because if Sam is not eating there is something wrong.. Well sure enough he had fervor, and an infection from an unknown source, his blood work came back fine but his urine showed that his kidneys were not working properly. Sam was in the veterinarian hospital for 10 days and when he was discharged we were told that his teeth due to  feline stomatits had to be removed but the surgery day was unclear due to his renal failure.
Sam has been home now for two weeks and he is doing better, but the veterinarian told me that he needs a followup exam and then he will decide if they will go ahead to remove his teeth. I will know more on Tuesday as it is Sams next appointment.