Sunday, February 1, 2015

My Cat Sam is Losing Weight

Forty five days ago my cat Sam was rushed to the Veterinarians because he had a fever and stopped eating. These two symptoms are cause for alarm when your cat has feline immunodeficiency virus. My cat was admitted to the animal hospital and stayed there for ten days. That is when we learned that his kidneys were not normal and that he had chronic kidney disease, his teeth needed to be removed and that he was losing weight.  Pounds lost while at the veternarian hospital.
Sam hiding in the water container.

 Sam was losing weight; was a warning flag for cancer. 

Sam had an ultrasound and the results were negative, of course this ultrasound could not see inside his internal organs and  we have no idea if he has kidney cancer or what.

So we bring Sam home and he has to eat special cat food; Royal Canin veterinary diet Renal LP in gravy canned food  for chronic kidney disease or renal failure.

The food gives him more energy but also reduces his food intake, plus Sam hates the canned food.  He is a kibble junkie cat, and I guess he does not like the taste, eats only when he has to and I can tell he does not like it because he growls at his food bowl.

Yes my cat hates his kidney diet food.  He eats when is is starving and seldom licks the plate clean. I think this is why he has lost more weight.

The veternarian says the weight lost is not due to the lack of kibble food but thinks it is due to some underlining medical condition.  I am a worried cat mom. 

We go back to the veternarian on Tuesday for a checkup.
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