Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cat FeLV - Information

Feline Leukemia, CAT-FeLV does not need to be a fatality as many cats may have a false positive when they are tested.  

In many instances rescued, stray or abandoned cats will show a false positive because their previous owners had provided the cat with the vaccine to prevent feline leukemia and the new pet owner or shelter would not be aware of the cat’s history. Thousands of cats are euthanized each year because the test for feline leukemia came back positive. 

When the attending veterinarian tells the cat owner that they recommend euthanasia, because the FeLV virus is aggressive and their cat will suffer.  Many cat owners are inclined to say yes to the euthanize as they love the cat, and do not want the cat to be inflicted with pain or suffering. 

However cat owners need to look at their cat and determine if the cat is sick, they also need to find out what stage the virus is in before they decide to make life altering decisions about their cats.  If the cat is in stage 1 to 3 the cat's immune system may be able to fight off feline leukemia, however if you euthanize your cat based on a positive test result, then you will never know if your cat's immune system could eliminate the virus.  

I rescued a Siamese Cat that I named Sam in April of 2009, he was abandoned and roamed the woods by my home, and by the time Sam had found me he was skin and bones.  My husband took Sam in for his exam and check up and the report on his test was fatal, as he had both viruses; feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus, CAT-FIV

The attending veterinarian informed my husband that Sam would have a short life and he recommended that he put down.  Normally my husband will make these big decisions because he knows I am pro-life. I think that I can heal any sick or suffering animal and I would say NO to euthanasia. By the the grace of God, my husband called me from the pet clinic and told me my cat's diagnosis. 

 I spoke to the doctor and asked him if Sam had symptoms for virus and he said no. I then inquired about the stage of his illness, and he said he did not know, but in his experience cats with FeLV and FIV go very quickly and suffer great pain. The veterinarian repeated that putting Sam down would be better for the cat and for us because we would not suffer heartache.  

 Since Sam had no symptoms and because his blood had not been checked, I said NO to euthanasia the veterinarian said I could not keep Sam in the same house as my other cats because they would be infected, so the veterinarian called rescue facilities to take Sam until he got sick and would need to be put down. No shelter would accept Sam. My husband and I talked and there was no way that I would euthanize Sam so I decided to make Sam my office cat.  

Sam would live the rest of his life behind a closed door.  In a room that is 12 x 21 with 10 windows, a cat seat by the window, cat toys, bed, comfy chair, carpeting and a TV that provided him with entertainment by Animal Planet. Sam would hang out with me 8-10 hours per day and I would play with him and love him.  

Sam was diagnosed with feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus virus in April of 2009 and today Sam is playing with toilet paper, he is very proud of himself he has dragged a new roll out of the bathroom and is decorating the office, Sam is happy, healthy and strong. 

 I was determined to make Sam healthy so I fed him a high protein food that was enriched with vitamins; Blue Buffalo cat food. I added a natural antioxidant supplement to his diet, and provided him with a loving environment.  

Sam’s immune system was able to fight off Feline Leukemia in the third stage.  He no longer has leukemia, he does have feline immunodeficiency.  Sam can can live a longer life.  

If your cat tests positive to Feline Leukemia wait 30 days and have them tested again, it could be a false positive. If your cat has Feline Leukemia virus and has no symptoms then help the cat to fight it off by boosting the immune system.   Sam is alive today because I said NO to euthanasia .

Sam give puppy right paw - FIV cats rule!