Sunday, June 3, 2012

Getting Home Ready for FIV Cat

Cats generally do not like change and so moving my FIV cat to a new home needed to be done carefully.  FIV, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus cats will remain in good health provided they live in a controlled environment that is stress free and nurturing.
Normally I would not move My cat Sam from my office to home because I do not like to upset his daily routine but there was no alternative as mold was found in my office and chemicals were needed to remove the mold making the office an unsafe area for my cat.

My husband and I decided to bring Sam back into our home.  Sam would have separate living quarters that were away from our other cats.  

The room that we set up for Sam is an enclosed sun room that has heat and air conditioning.  It also has a kitty door that will allow Sam access to an attached outdoor screened enclosure.  The new room for Sam is a 10 x 19 and the screened attached closure is the measurement of 8 x10.  This room has 8 windows and two cat seats attached to the side of the window.  

I feel the cheerful room will provide Sam with positive stimulation.  In addition we will be able to spend more quality time with Sam.

Getting FIV Cat’s Home Ready
We worked all week on getting Sam’s room ready.  

Monday – Pest Control
My husband dusted the room with Diatomaceous earth food grade to kill any parasites; fleas, ticks, mites and to kill all bugs that may reside in the room. 

Saturday- Sanitize Room
My husband and I cleaned the room; vacuumed the floors and the sofa and polished the furniture with natural paste that is not harmful to pets and then we scrubbing the floors, walls, windows and ceiling.

*Buy housecleaning products that are safe for children and pets

Sunday –Set up Room for Cat
We covered the cement floor with tight weave Berber area carpet and we covered the sofa to protect it from stains. 

We added cat furniture and accessories to the room; cat tree, window seat, cuddle bed, covered litter box, scratching post, toys and a feeding station. 

To filter the light we covered the windows with wood-like blinds and to keep the air clean a HEBA air purifier was set on the coffee table for a circular cleaning of airborne particles.

After the room was cleaned and set up I plugged a Feliway comfort diffuser into the electrical outlet. The feliway formula is a slow release synthetic cat pheoinom which aids in keeping cats calm.  It is helpful when bringing a cat into a new home or socializing new cats with other cats.

Moving Day
I arrived at the office at the usual time and fed Sam.  While Sam ate I got his carrier ready for transporting him by spraying it with Feliway mood modifier.  
Sam was indifferent as he was eating his food; however his uninterested state changed when I set the carrier on the floor and opened the door.   Sam reacted by meowing loudly and running around the room.  He knew something was up and he was anxious.  I suspect that he assumed he was going to the veterinarians.  

Sam would not go into the carrier on his own so I put him in it.  I covered the carrier with Sam’s baby blanket and I hoped that it would comfort him.  He stopped meowing as soon as we got into the car.  I talked to Sam during the drive home. I did this to comfort him and I had hoped he would feel less anxiety.  

When I got home my husband took Sam’s carrier and together we brought him into his room.  His carrier was set in the middle of the room on the floor and then we opened the door.  Sam ran out of the carrier as fast as he could and examined every nook and cranny in the room.  He ran around until he could run no more and then he laid on the sofa in-between my husband and me.  

Sam took a nap, my husband and I took a nap and when we awoke we found that Sam had eaten some food, used his litter box, played with his toys and he was resting on the window seat. 

The stress of the move home was lessened because I took the necessary steps to comfort Sam and to lessen his anxiety.  

Sam likes his room and enjoys being able to view us while we sit in the living room.  Since the move I set up my office in Sam’s room which allows me to spend time with Sam.  

My husband watches TV with Sam while I keep the other cats company. When Sam lived in my office I would spend many hours during the day with him and I would visit him on my days off too.  

At night Sam would be alone in the office, he was a happy cat but I feel his present living arrangement where we all live under one roof is easier and healthier for him and me.

 Learn more about FIV and how it is spread by viewing this video: