Saturday, March 19, 2016

Why is my Cat Vomiting - When to call Veterinarian?

It is common for cats to vomit, however not all vomiting is normal. Know that if your cat vomits when they are eating or right after they eat that this is a sign of illness and should not be overlooked. When a cat vomits when the eat it could be a stomach ailment, feline idiopathic cystitis or it could be due the muscle in the cats esophagus.

No harm is done to call your veterinarian and communicate your cat health concern. 

 I had a cat that did vomit when they were eating. I did not call my veterinarian immediately, instead I watched my FIV cat and found that when he ate he would vomit and knew that this was a red flag.  The veterinarian wanted to exam my cat and do blood-work. The diagnosis was a abscessed tooth.

One of my other cats would vomit at his food bowl, however this was due to anxiety. I was told that it might be a nervous condition, due to other cat pushing his way to eat at the bowl and not waiting his turn. It was suggested that I feed the cat in another room, that sharing the same food bowl may be causing the cat to feel anxiety and vomit. The feeding in another room was all that was needed. The vomiting stopped.

Learn other reason why cats vomit by viewing this video: