Sunday, August 10, 2014

Two Out of Five Rescued Kittens Have FIV

In May when my husband and I rescued the newborn kittens from the trash bag lying on the highway medium I thought that the kittens cold have been from two litters because some were significantly larger and two seemed to be newborns that needed to be bottle fed and also help to go to the bathroom.  
Small  kitten with FIV

Over the next several weeks I noticed that all five cats seemed to grow except the two smaller kittens, they were not growing and they seemed to sleep more than the other kittens.

I feared for the worst thinking they had Feline Leukemia (FELV) or Feline Immunodeficiency virus (FIV).  Any kitten with a feline disease is difficult to adopt because most people want healthy kittens only.  So I was worried about what the test would show.  Three of the kittens were negative and two of the kittens the smaller ones tested positive for FIV.

To my surprise the veterinarian asked us if we wanted to put them down, and both my husband and I responded no.  The veterinarian told us of the restrictions of owning an FIV cat. Basically they are contagious and cannot associate with other normal cats in the household and they can never go outdoors.  

The FIV cats must reside in a positive energy home that is a comfortable temperature and must eat a no soy, corn or wheat gluten cat food.  A quality cat food like Wellness or Blue Buffalo spa selects..   Basically a nurturing lifestyle that is harmony at all times.

Finding an adopter that will agree to these terms may be a little hard but since I have four FIV cats living in my home now I know that life with these cats is normal. The only thing that I note as different would be that they sleep more.


All five kittens lived together and the two FIV kittens did not make the other kittens sick. This is because there was no bite wound.  The all ate out of the same food bowl and again the virus was not past to the other, plus they also slept and groomed each other.  

I am certain that if the cats do not fight and bite then a FIV cat can live with other normal cats as long as they get along and love each other. 

Here is a YouTube video that will explain more about the cat virus FIV: