Thursday, February 5, 2015

Veterinarian Checkup for Sam my FIV Cat

It has been 45 days since my FIV cat was diagnosed with kidney failure and put on special diet.  We were told that Sam could no longer eat animal protein because it was hard on his kidneys.  We had to feed him food that was formulated for renal health only.

We bought the Hills Prescription Diet k/d canned food and the dry kibble then mixed the two together and put in his food bowl.  Sam played with the food but would not eat it.  

So I removed that food from the bowl and replaced it with k/d canned food only.  Mr busy cat went into the kitchen got a towel and put the towel on top of his food bowl.  I guess he hated it so much that he did not want to look at it. 
Sam eats dry k/d food from bowl

My cat has got to eat, I removed the canned food, washed his bowl and poured Sam a bowl of the dry k/d special kidney diet food.  Sam grazed his food bowl, ate a few pieces of food.  Then he took every piece of food out of the bowl and put it on the carpet.     

Our veterinarian suggested that we try renal LP by Royal Canin and again Sam did not eat the food. He grazed his bowl when absolutely necessary but other than that would not eat the special diet food.
My FIV cat Sam at 7 years old

The one thing that the veterinarian told us is that Sam could not lose weight. When he was checked it was noted that he lost 1 pound. The attending veterinarian said that his weight lose may be due to the FIV condition and I disagreed, I know it is because our cat does not like the food that is made with no animal protein. Cats are carnivores not vegetarians.

The veterinarian said that Sam cannot lose any more weight, so now they have ordered a new feline renal health food for Sam. We hope that this new food tastes better because I am sure that this is why our cat is not eating.

Sam is a junk food kitty eating Purina Friskies Salmon Pate for Senior cats mixed with Blue Buffalo spa selects and loved this food combination  before he became sick and now he hates his kidney diet food.  

Hoping that this next food will be one that Sam likes.