Monday, November 14, 2016

L-Lysine for FIV Cats

My FIV cat got an upper respiratory infection last month and the treatment was antibiotics plus the supplement L-Lysine oral gel by Viralys. This gel supports the cat's immune system and is very good in the treatment for feline herpes virus (FHV) because it lessens the signs of the infection, eye infection, and sinus nose issues; drainage or congested. 

My FIV cat was a rescue in 2008 and when we brought him in he had eye drainage and was diagnosed with feline herpes an upper respiratory infection. 

Know that Sam is doing much better since I started supplementing his diet with the Lysine. There is no cure for feline herpes but you can reduce the flair ups with the amino acid L-Lysine.

Normally when you give your cat medicine it can be difficult. But my cat likes this gel. What I do is squeeze ¼ teaspoon amount onto my finger then I put the gel on my cat's paw. Sam licks his paw. I give him 2 doses like this daily and will continue this supplement for the rest of my cat's life.

I bought the tube of oral L-Lysine from my veterinarian and it was expensive. When I need a refill I will buy from or because these stores offer the same product for