Monday, March 3, 2014

FIV Cat is Indifferent to New Rescue Cat

When it was extremely cold last week my husband picked up a Russian blue mix house cat that was freezing. He brought the cat indoors and put in a cage in our heated mud room. 
Even though our veterinarian told us that if we love our cat Sam, who has FIV, that we cannot bring new cats into the home because it would be too much stress for him. However we could not watch this cat that was clearly a abandoned housecat get severe frost bite. This cat was sitting in a snowstorm when the temperature was 9 degrees. 

So against our veterinarian’s orders we rescued the lost cat and are keeping him in a room that is separated from the main house with a door. The room has heat and the rescued cat can see Sam through the glass but other than that has no contact or interaction with our FIV cat.

Sam could careless about NEW cat

I know that Sam can pick up the new cats scent on my clothes but he is indifferent. Sam could care less; about the cat scent, Sam’s behavior and his daily routine has not changed. Although Sam used to enjoy going to the mudroom to sun himself he now enjoy the sun porch on the woods side.

The rescue cat was taken to the veterinarian and he got a clean bill of health.

Rescue cat likes the self heated cat bed

We are actively seeking the pet owner and have no intention of adopting this cat. Both my husband and I agreed that if Sam’s behavior should happen to change that we will relocate the cat to our garage shelter even though the window heater is not as warm as the heater in the mudroom.