Saturday, January 18, 2014

Get Rid of Cat Dandruff with Natural Supplement

Many cats develop a flaky dry skin condition that causes dandruff and this flaky white skin condition can be remedied quickly and easily with a natural supplement.

My FIV cat named Sam is 8 years old, developed cat dandruff.  I took them in for a wellness checkup and my veterinarian suggested that I supplement his diet with fish protein. He recommended that I buy fish oil capsules and then break open the capsule and add the liquid to his food.

Sam my FIV cat eating his food
It was easy to poke a hole in the soft capsule and then squeeze the oil onto the top of my cat’s canned food, but I did have to mix it well, as my cat turned away from the strong fish smell.  Once the fish oil was mixed my cat ate the food happily.


  1. This inexpensive supplement helped my cat to grow a thick, shinny and flake free coat. 
  1. Along with the fish oil supplement I also brushed my cat daily.   
  1. I bought nature made fish oil for humans because it was purified to remove mercury.  I found this product to be best for my FIV cat.