Monday, February 23, 2015

Health of FIV Cat Improves After 10 Days in Hospital

In December my FIV cat named Sam, woke up one day and was sick. He had a high fever and would not eat. We rushed him to the veterinarian, and they put him in the hospital for ten days.  Sam was given intravenous fluids, shot of B12, antibiotics and appetite inducing medication. Sam was very ill and at the time the veterinarian did not know if it was due to FIV or something else.

Here is a card that I designed at my zazzle shop. It is of Sam and he is lying in the bathroom sink. He is a beautiful cat and breaks my heart to know that he is sick.

Siamese Cat in Sink Postcard Post Card
Siamese Cat in Sink Postcard Post Card by Susang6
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We were told that Sam had renal failure and that his teeth needed to be removed due to feline stomatits but due to his infection he could not have his teeth removed because he lost too much weight.

View this video to learn more about feline stomatits.  We were told that this condition is common with cat that have FIV, feline immunodeficiency virus.


After 10 days of hospital care Sam came home and he was put on a renal diet. Sam who loves to eat food, hated the new diet and refused to eat it. We tried 3 different varieties of foods and each one was not suitable to my junk food cat. He liked Blue Buffalo Healthy Living Chicken and Brown Rice cat food mixed with Purina Friskies Senior Diet Salmon Dinner in sauce pate canned cat food. This food combination made my cat Sam sing.

So when I had to take away his favorite food for a plant based diet LP by Royal Canin with very low protein my kitty was not happy. 

 Sam would not eat and was losing weight. He could not have the surgery to remove the teeth that were causing him to have pain. The veterinarian wanted Sam overweight because the after care of this particular surgery meant a feeding tube.

While my veterinarian was researching for another food for Sam to try his blood work came back and it showed that his kidneys returned to normal function.

I am not sure why or how this occurred, but know we are all very happy and Sam is ecstatic because he can go back to eating and loving his favorite foods.

Presently Sam is putting on weight and next week I will take him in for a veterinarian checkup to see if we can schedule him for surgery.
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