Sunday, March 26, 2017

Ways to Keep Cat Calm in a Car

Unlike dogs who enjoy going for a ride in the car, the cat does not feel the same way. Granted there are a few cats that enjoy riding in a car but most felines find it stressful.

Today I had to take my cat Sam to the veterinarians for his annual checkup and one of the things we must do is keep Sam from stressful situations. Sam has FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) and his condition now is healthy but stress is a factor that can bring on illness. Sam gets stressed out riding in the car so I will do the following things to keep him calm.

If your cat gets stressed out when riding in the car then you may want to try the following helpful tips.

  1. If you find that you must take your cat for a ride in the car then make sure you have a pet carrier that is large enough for cat to be comfortable. They need room to lie down without a tight feeling.
  2. Make the carrier more comfortable with a small crate mat. Spray this mat with Feliway mood and behavior modifier before adding the mat to the carrier. The feliway spray mimics the cats pheromones and this aids in keeping the cat calm. Shop and save at for feliway spray
  3. Buy Kong treat dispensing toy to distract your cat while riding in the car. Fill the toy with temptation cat treats and put in the cat carrier. The toy will divert your cats attention and they will feel less stress. (food is a friend to a cat)
  4. Set cat carrier on the car seat and wrap seat belt around it. Secure the cat in carrier so that it stays put and does not move around when car turns or stops. Any sudden movement while cat is in the car is very stressful and cat will suffer.
  5. Cover the cat carrier with a towel or small blanket. Blocking out the view of cars passing while the cat is riding in the car will help to keep feline calm.
  6. Refrain from turning the radio on loudly. It is best to have soft background music and that you talk to your cat while riding in the car. A familiar voice that is calm and projects positive energy will keep your cat calm while in the car.