Sunday, July 28, 2013

Healthy Cat Treat- Bonito Flakes

For my FIV cat I award him with Bonito Flakes a nutritious cat treat with real animal protein and no artificial flavors this treat appeals to my (feline immunodeficiency virus) cats special dietary needs.

I like this cat treat because it is natural dried bonito fish. The flakes are moist and tender which is good for my mature cats.  My cat Sam likes the bonito flakes also.  I offered the fish treat in my hand and he grabbed it out of my hand without hesitation.

The fish flakes are packed into a stay-fresh container that does not need to be refrigerated.  I keep the treats in my pantry. My cat Sam watched me put the container away and he will sit staring at the pantry door; as if it is mind over matter and the fish flakes will appear if he stares long enough.

Your cat will benefit from Cat Man Doo fish flakes because it contains natural fish oils.  These oils will reduce hairballs, aid in maintaining a healthy urinary track and your cats coat will get a healthy luster.

There are no fillers and no artificial flavors.   I bought cat man doo bonito tuna flakes for my FIV cat because it is a healthy high protein treat that my cat loves.

Watch this video and see cat is crazy in love with this tuna treat.