Friday, June 19, 2015

Remodeling FIV Cat Room

I need to spend more time with the FIV cats so husband said he would update the room so that my office opens into that area where the cats play.  This of course will allow me to spend more time with the cats and also I can close my office door at night to prevent the cats from opening my my file cabinet doors or playing with my papers and pens that are on my desk.  So that is the plan for remodeling the cat room.
This is Sam my FIV cat, he is playing with the dogs tennis ball

I have two  FIV cats and they are good company for each other but they cry to be with humans or they naturally want to come out and play.  They do not have whole house privileges because they like to fight and we have one other cat that is mature.  Their fighting nature would not be food for them or this mature cat. .

My cats have a play room which is their safe room.  Here is what it looks like.  My office would open up to this room. 

At one time I had the cats at my business office and they did enjoy that but when there was an attempt robbery I thought it best to bring them home so I set up a cat room just for them by giving them one of the bedrooms.  The FIV cats do like being with each other however human contact is needed and to tell you the truth I need them as much as they need me.

Here is a post that I published at my Cat Adoption Guide blog.  This post tells you how to set up a cat room and it tells you everything that is needed with images and videos that hare helpful.

Took FIV Cat to Kennel When Air Conditioner Broke

Know that an FIV, feline immunodeficiency virus cat reside indoors in a home where the temperature is not too hot or too cold. Basically if you are comfortable then the cat is also. If an FIV cat gets too hot and starts to pant or lick their fur to cool down then this puts the cat in a stressful state and can be harmful due to the weakened immune system, the same for a very cold house, the cold temperature would make the FIV cat suffer from stress.

My FIV cat named Sam resting on the chair.  He is one COOL cat.

If you conditioner breaks and you have an FIV cat then allow the cat access to a ceramic tile floor or to your bathroom. The bathtub is a cool surface and will help them to feel cooler. Also install ceiling fans to circulate the air.

Know if your house gets too hot then put your cat in a carrier and take to veterinarian for day care until your air conditioner is fixed or buy a window unit air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. A home that is too hot is not good for human or FIV cat.

When my air conditioner broke two weeks ago the house got extremely hot and due to my cats age and health history I took him to the veterinarian for three days of kenneling. My house temperature reached 88 degrees and that was too hot for my cat with weakened immune system.

Husband shopped at and ordered a window air conditioner and was able to pick it up at our local store. Once the window unit was installed we could then bring our cat Sam home from kennel.

Learn more about FIV here

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Prayers Answered: Cat No Longer in Kidney Failure

In January I published a post letting all of my followers know that my cat Sam was diagnosed with kidney failure.  My veternarian told me that he suspected it was the nature of the FIV virus and that it had progressed.  Sam had stopped eating,  had a fever and was in the animal hospital for two weeks. During this time I went to see him daily to hold, pet, talk and kiss his furry head.  I loved my cat Sam and hoped and prayed that he would overcome this illness.  
Sam when he first got sick

After two weeks of medical care, Sam was released to come home and aftercare was to feed him food formulated for cats with kidney failure.  Well Sam hated the food and continued to lose weight.  The veternarian said "what does he like" I replied "Friskies special diet turkey and giblets.  The veternarian said okay to feed him this canned cat food because Sam had to eat.

After several weeks of a poor diet, Sam got his way and got his food back.  He loved it, put on wight, regained his strength and was back to his ole self within 10 days. 

Know that in March Sam had his wellness checkup and his blood was drawn to check his white count and kidney. My prayers had been answered because his blood was fine, and the kidneys were working as they should.  No kidney failure was noted.  I am not sure if this FIV cat is exercising his nine lives, or if God said it is not your time.  All I know is Sam is back and he is his ole self.