Thursday, August 21, 2014

Can’t feel my Cats Ribs: Must be Overweight

I picked up my two FIV cats the other day and found that I could not feel their ribs, this of course is a sign that they are overweight.   I know that this excess weight is a red flag for heart and diabetes and that I needed to change their eating habits.  

Before I began my cat’s diet I did check with my veterinarian.  He did a blood screen to check blood sugar and thyroid.  I was so thankful that feline disease was not found and that my veterinarian suspected that my cats were overweight due to an eating disorder.

“Most cats that have been strays for a long period of time are big eaters once they are rescued."  

I rescued both cats several years ago and they tested positive for FIV.  I suspect they both have a food disorder because  the stray / rescue cats eat like they are not going to get another meal.  

I am presently following the diet plan provided by my veterinarian and cats are eating a high protein diet that has low fat and carbohydrates.  Instead of leaving the food bowl out so they can graze, I am removing it after a half hour and they are eating 2 meals a day.

Know that most cat foods have fillers; soy, grains and corn.  I have never seen a wild feral cat eating theses foods so I am feeding the cats blue buffalo weigh control chicken and brown rice recipe, because it is real food without fillers.  

I am sure if I stick with the diet plan and continue playing with the cats throughout the day that they will start to shed those extra pounds.


Susan Zutautas said...

I had a cat before getting my 2 dogs and I couldn't ever get any weight onto him. It wasn't that he was sick or anything he just had a great metabolism I suppose.

Cheryl Paton said...

We got our last two cats from a cat rescue place, and they too were big eaters when we first got them. I had purchased a special divided feeding dish where the cats had to reach in a hole to pull out some cat food. That slowed them down and then they did much better.