Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My FIV Cat Got a Pass on His Wellness Exam

This year when it was time to take my FIV cat named Sam in for his annual wellness exam he got a pass and did not need to go in for wellness checkup.

His veterinarian checked his last records and told us that we did not need to bring him in, but I should continue to watch him for any signs of illness.
Sam my FIV cat - Christmas 2013

Sam is as healthy as an FIV cat can be.  I am sure his nurturing environment; along with his healthy diet is a plus. Although he still longs to go outdoors to roll in the grass, so my husband intends on planting an indoor grass garden for him in the spring, something large enough to lie flat on the enclosed sun porch floor where Sam can lay in the grass and have some kitty fun.

Our veterinarian told us that Sam could very well live a long life and we are pleased with his diagnosis.

KH Heated Cat House is Ideal for Cold Homes or Porches

The KH insulated cat house will keep outdoor cats toasty warm, however it also is a comfortable and cozy bed for porches and drafty homes that tend to feel cold.

My cat Sam has FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) and we need to keep his temperature comfortable.  If he gets too cold he will feel stress and that could make him ill.   Our historic home is drafty and can be cold throughout the winter months.  The average temperature in the house at night is 69 degrees and that can be a little chilly for our cat.
Siamese Cat lying inside KH heated cat house

I bought Sam an insulated outdoor house and it is the perfect temperature to keep him warm.  

The house was easy to put together as all pieces adhere with velcro.  The insulated floor pad is thick and has a cushion feel.   The floor pad is covered with a fleece top that my cat likes.  

Testing the warmth:

  1. Once the cat house was set up we plugged the low voltage cat bed it in to test the heating unit.  The description on the box says that the internal thermostat warms the floor pad to a comfortable 102 degrees.    We touched the bed with our hand and it did not feel like it was heating up. Then we removed the fleece top and felt the warmth.
  2. Sam was reluctant to go inside the cat house so I sprayed catnip lightly on the fleece pad covering.  I did not have to coax him; he went right inside lay down and started to purr.  
  3. The KH heated cat house is designed to keep a cat that is lying on the heated floor pad warm. 

The only time Sam came out to visit us was to get his toys.  One by one he brought all of his toys inside the cat house. 

If you have a cold drafty house, porch or garage where your cat frequents then I would highly recommend this heated cat house.  I also have one outdoors under my porch overhang for a stray cat that I am caring for.

Learn more about outdoor KH cat house by viewing this You Tube video:

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

FIV Cat Gets a Chance to Have a Feline Buddy

This week I adopted an FIV kitten and I intend on socializing my adult FIV adult cat Sam with the kitten.   When it comes to kittens the success rate for socializing with an adult is greater. The reason is because adult’s cats realize it is a baby cat and are watchful and caring.  My veterinarian approved that I could try to socialize Sam with the kitten and if it works then Sam will have a feline buddy to play, sleep and grooming with.
FIV Cat playing in zazzle box 

Whenever you introduce an FIV cats there is stress and this stress may weaken their immune systems so I have started the socializing by putting the kitten in the adjacent bathroom to my office. (Sam lives in my office) There is an open space bellow the door where the cats can sniff each other and play paws.

The kitten is a female and she loves Sam and I so far Sam as been very sweet to her. Today Sam passed her one of his catnip toys under the door and this act of kitty kindness melted my heart.  The kitten will stay in the bathroom an entire week before I attempt to introduce Sam to the kitten. 

I am hoping that the socializing process will go well.