Saturday, October 22, 2016

What to Do When FIV Cat is Sick

 I noticed that my FIV cat named Sam had fluid buildup in his left eye and this was a sign of sickness, cat cold or upper respiratory. My cat has a weakened immune system and this cold or whatever it is could progress quickly into a major illness so I immediately called the veterinarian and scheduled an appointment.

Last Monday I took Sam to the veterinarians and thy ran tests on him, blood and checked his urine. They told me he had an upper respiratory infection and gave him an antibiotic shot and prescription for Viralys L-Lysine supplement.

I was told to clean the entire house with bleach and to keep Sam away from other cats.  It was also recommended that after I handle other cats or come in contact with feral or stray cats that I remove those clothes and shoes, shower  or spray myself with Lysol disinfectant before I come in contact with Sam.

Know that Sam has lost weight due to this infection,  He cannot smell his food so he is not eating. Normally Sam  eats C/D prescription diet food but he has stopped eating.  So I have mixed his wet food with water and put it in a syringe, this is how I am feeding him and keeping him hydrated.

Even though I responded immediately when I noticed my cat was sick, his infection has progressed quickly from playing with his toys one day, to signs of cold and now he is not eating.  An FIV cat has a hard time getting over a simple cold, It is best to call the veterinarian as soon as your cat show signs of sickness.

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