Thursday, September 8, 2016

Treatment for Cat Urinary Infection

My rescued FIV cat came to us as an adult unaltered tomcat. This cat was neutered at age 6. From the get go my cat was suffering from urinary and bladder infections. After several trips to the veterinarians, my cat, Sam was diagnosed with a urinary condition that required him to eat a special diet.

The veterinarian prescribed Hills CD for urinary care and we were told that we could not feed our cat any other food for the rest of his life.

Hills CD for urinary care is formulated with the right balance of nutrients which enables your cat's bladder to be healthy. We were told that Sam would be feeling better and back to using his litter box within a months time. Our veterinarian assured us that by feeding our cat this special diet that harmful minerals were removed and this meant that the formation of urinary crystals would not form.

Know that before this special urinary diet that our cat was suffering. There were times when he could not urinate and we needed to rush him to veterinarians. We feared that we would have to put him down if he could not urinate.

Sam has been eating this special diet for three weeks now and he is back to his happy self, his energy has improved, he is using his litter box, and playing with his toys.

I feed same a half can of Hills CD in the morning mixed with the dry kibble and the same portion at night. I also give him purified bottled water that is freshened daily.

Know that this special urinary diet will not cure Sam, however, it will prevent the reassurance of urinary stones and as long as we keep with the diet our cat will not suffer and there will be no need for urinary surgery.

We have three other FIV cats and they are all eating the Hills CD urinary diet food. This food is a good food for multiple cat homes, it is not recommended for kittens.
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