Friday, September 20, 2013

Stimulating Rescued FIV Cat Appetite

Feline Immunodeficiency cats that have been rescued usually are depressed and have poor appetites.   When this occurs I stimulate the depressed cat’s appetite with Nu-feline granular antioxidants mixed with a savory canned cat food.

I coax the cat to eat with 1/2 can of Friskies special diet Salmon pate food mixed with three tablespoons of water and the recommended dosage of Nu-Pet feline granular antioxidants.  All of the FIV cats with a depressed appetite like the taste of the food and stay hydrated due to liquid additive. 

Instead of feeding the cat a large meal, I feed the cat ½ can in the morning and at night.  Then during the day I lure the cat to me with Bonito tuna fish flakes, a wholesome and nutritious cat treat that all cat love.  When I do this I am bonding with the cat and making the rescue transition easier.

The Nu-Pet supplement improves cat’s appetite, improves energy and benefits cat’s coat and controls hairballs.  Active ingredients; wheat grass sprouts, fish protein, alfalfa grass, dried citrus pulp, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), vitamin A supplement, taurine, vitamin E supplement, cysteine and selenium.

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