Saturday, July 16, 2011

Wellness Check-up for FIV Cat

It is time for Sam’s annual wellness check-up and I am not sure if it is wise to subject him to the stress and anxiety of going to the veterinarian. 

Last year when he had his annual wellness exam he was overly anxious.  When I brought him home he went in his room to hide and that night he suffered a mild feline stroke .  So I am hesitant in making the appointment for his annual check-up.
Sam after his Feline Stroke

I think if it were a matter of Sam being weighed, getting his blood tested while I was in the room that he would be okay.  I am not certain if his stroke was due to the shots or if it was due to the trip to the veterinarians office.  Sam is older than we thought and he does not like change. 

Sam has gotten very comfortable since we rescued  and adopted him in 2009.  He had been abandoned.  His master left him in the woods by my home and he needed to fend and forage for himself.  His master did not neuter him so I suspect that he got into many fights with the tomcats and that is how he was infected with feline leukemia and  Feline immunodeficiency virus.

Siamese Cat: Sam Plays with Pit Bull
Currently Sam is healthy except for the fact that he is overweight.  He is happy and plays with his toys and with family dog.  He takes many cat naps during the day but when he awakes he plays hard.  

Sam will leap from the desk to get to the window seat, or climbs to the top of his cat tree to play with the bird that is attached to the upper cube. He will chase the dog or lie on the floor in front of the dog and instruct the dog to sit and stay.  Sam has fun each and every day.

I really do not want to upset Sam’s daily routine but at the same time I understand that he needs to get his annual wellness exam.  My husband suggested that I make the appointment for the blood test and the wellness exam and then refuse the shots.  I am not sure if that is an option.  But if it is then that would be agreeable. 

I think I will pick up some feliway products; the room diffuser and the behavior modification spray.  I always spray Sam’s carrier with feliway because it help ease his stress and anxiety.  

I want Sam to be comfortable and happy; the last thing that I want for him is to be afraid.  When Sam is anxious I worry because he has Feline immunodeficiency virus
Sam Helping me Fold Towels Image by Sgolis
On Monday I will make Sam’ appointment for his annual wellness checkup and I will pray that he will be okay.

Note:  Sam is a Feline Leukemia Survivor as his immune system was able to fight off the disease.


vallain said...

Best of luck to Sam and we'll be thinking positive thoughts for a good outcome.

Sgolis said...

Virginia I would be shocked if he was sick. I am however expecting to hear the words Diet. Sam loves to eat and with the AIDS he also likes to sleep. But he does play hard but I guess not enough to keep him slim.

Grannie said...

I love your site, thanks for what you are doing!

Suzanne said...

Can you have the vet come to your home to do the wellness exam? Maybe skip the vaccinations this time if the vet agrees?

My Siamese cat was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia 2 months ago. I didn't know what was wrong with him. He became ill suddenly. I took him to the vet and they did an emergency blood transfusion. This saved his life. He purred so loudly throughout the entire procedure that the vet had a difficult time hearing his heart beat. We found out at this same time that he had FeLV. The vet did not expect him to live much longer. Two months later he is doing great, playing, eating, very happy to be would never know he had been so ill. We are decreasing his medication dosage gradually and he continues to do well. I love my blue-eyed boy and he is fighting to live - and so far succeeding! He just celebrated his birthday, turning 3 years old.
Best wishes and hope to you and Sam.
Love Suzanne and Churai(FeLV survivor)

Sgolis said...

Suzanne: Sam had his check-up, he did not like it but I stayed with him this time and we were in and out of the office quickly and he had little stress. He got his vaccines...and he was sore for a few days. I put aloe on his shot site and he seemed to like that.

Okay your cat may have a chance to survive Feline Luekemia...if you catch in time the kitty's can fight it off before the 3rd stage. I wrote an article about it Feline Leukemia is Not a Death Sentence at the bottom of the article I have links to websites where you can learn more. I am so happy that you cat is alive and well. Your kitty is a FeLV is just wonderful. Please keep in touch okay.