Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My FIV Cat Got a Pass on His Wellness Exam

This year when it was time to take my FIV cat named Sam in for his annual wellness exam he got a pass and did not need to go in for wellness checkup.

His veterinarian checked his last records and told us that we did not need to bring him in, but I should continue to watch him for any signs of illness.
Sam my FIV cat - Christmas 2013

Sam is as healthy as an FIV cat can be.  I am sure his nurturing environment; along with his healthy diet is a plus. Although he still longs to go outdoors to roll in the grass, so my husband intends on planting an indoor grass garden for him in the spring, something large enough to lie flat on the enclosed sun porch floor where Sam can lay in the grass and have some kitty fun.

Our veterinarian told us that Sam could very well live a long life and we are pleased with his diagnosis.


Virginia Allain said...

That's really good news!

S Golis said...

Yes it is considering in 2008 the attending veternarian told us he would not survive a month and would suffer from the FELV and FIV. Six years later he did not need to go in for wellness exam. (the stress is too much for him and visit could make him ill) also Sam has no issues with his health.