Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sam's 2nd Anniversary Living with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

Sam celebrated his Second Anniversary by spending a long afternoon with Benny Blue my pitbull puppy.  While this may seem very odd to you it is not odd at all to Sam and Benny.  They are quite fond of each other and will even sleep on the chair side by side. 

To start Sam's anniversary party  I invited Sam into the main house, he enjoys having free reign of the entire house without worrying about the other cats.  The first thing that Sam did was charge to the sun porch to sit on the ledge and look out at the birds that were busy eating from the feeder that hung from a branch on the tree.  

Sam did his kitty dance; two steps forward, two steps back, hesitate and pounce close to the glass and then he was content to talk to the birds by mimicking their chirping.  After the bird watching, Sam ran back inside and into to every room.  He was searching for something and while on his search he was talking rather loudly. When he finished his search he jumped up on my desk and rubbed his face on my cheek and then began to talk even louder.

I gave him some food and fresh water but that was not what Sam wanted.  So I decided to groom him because he always enjoys that.  

Sam was fussy and did not want to be groomed and I was getting worried because he seemed overly anxious and then we both heard steps coming from the kitchen and Sam lifted up his head and then leaped off my desk and ran as fast as he could to the kitchen.  Then I heard Sam cry out in excitement and I heard Benny bark and the two buddies were together again and Sam was as happy as he could be.  Sam chased Benny out of the kitchen and then they wrestled on the floor.  Sam got the upper paw and taught Benny to sit and stay until Sam said it was okay.

Sam and Benny played until it was nap time and then the puppy pit bull and the Siamese cat lay on the sofa and went to sleep.  It was the end of a perfect anniversary day.
I was blessed when Sam crossed my path two years ago.  He has given my family and I so much happiness.  I am so glad that I was able to rescue and save his life by boosting his immune system, had I not I know Sam would have died of Feline Leukemia, cold and alone in the woods.
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